Our primary objective is to achieve optimum efficiency and utmost safety in all our operations. We take great pride in implementing rigorous safety training programs for all our employees and conducting regular safety drills, ensuring every team member is well-equipped to navigate their tasks safely. Upholding the safety of our workforce and the surrounding environment isn’t just an obligation, it’s our foremost priority. We are committed to creating a protective shield around both our personnel and the environment we operate in.

“Our priority is safety, our commitment is to you.”




“We believe in the power of prevention, not just the response.”

Recon is compliant with the following:

  • ISN/PEC/Avetta
  • DISA/TPS Alert
  • Veriforce OQ


Recon employees are trained in the following:

  • PEC Core Compliance
  • Forklift/Manlift
  • H2S
  • Confined Space Entry/Attendant/Supervisor
  • FIT Tested
  • OSHA 7110 – Safe Bolting
  • Smith Systems

Safety Statement

We don't just operate within the industry's safety standards - we aim to raise them.